Poppin’ my cherry……

Poppin’ my cherry……

A few things you should know about me…..sometimes I speak before I think (or type).  I know, bad habit but it’s true so I own it.  My spelling is awful (I blame spell check for this, so do you) and there will be a slew of grammar errors….I know you grammar geeks secretly love that so you can break out your red air pens and have at it…..I’m friends with a few of you and I truly don’t hold it against you…..but I bet you are judging my dots right now…..take that….!

Back on track…..I am a married mom with the standard two kids and a large dog that sheds all.the.time. I love my husband and my kids and even the smelly dog and life is pretty good right now (yawn, I know b-o-r-i-n-g) but trust me, it hasn’t always been this way and that has given me my own little set of sh*t brown tinted lenses….or was that rose colored?

But I digress (again)….so what am I doing writing a blog?  I don’t know but I feel the pull, not sure if it is Kryptonite or potential yet but I am answering the knock at the door…..for now.


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