I volunteer for stuff. A LOT. Well it used to be a lot. I have scaled back tremendously and GeeZus has it gotten ridiculous to give your time for free.  The other day I registered online to have my finger prints on file for the FBI in addition to the forms I filled out for criminal background and child abuse clearances.  Cost an hour + of my time and about $40. for the privilege to do sh*t for free for other people…..SMH.

One time suck was the requirement to list every address I have resided at since 1975.  Seriously?  Now this may seem like a sweet little stroll down memory lane for people that have led a normal life and maybe moved 5 times.  I am not in that category.  I am also not in the category of “Army Brat” whose history includes exotic locals weaving a rich tapestry of experience into their own little patchwork quilt of life.  No my category is alcoholic broke mom moves a lot with a sprinkling of dead beat dad and one crazy inventor we lived with (and by crazy inventor I mean the man was crazy and he invented sh*t).  Not exotic at all.  Why did we move so much???? Not really sure but it spanned decades and two states NJ & FL- the two states featured most prominently on America’s Most Wanted.  Anyhow all this twitching and PTSD so I can volunteer at my kids school.  If pat downs and body searches become a part of the process I’m out.


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