Just say no to the leprechaun trap (it’s OK we are NOT Irish)….

Just say no to the leprechaun trap (it’s OK we are NOT Irish)….

This morning my personal facebook feed was riddled with pictures depicting the wrath of leprechauns throughout suburbia.  Green tiny foot prints on the toilet seat above a sea of green water….those damn gold coin chocolates tossed about with reckless leprechaun abandon. I said NO (hell no) to the leprechaun traps, the awful candy and shamrock stickers this year. Next to go is the tooth fairy, that bitch is costing me a fortune…….and at the pace my kids lose their baby teeth I will be at this for another 30 years…..no more. Santa and the Easter Bunny are safe for now……not really.

Seriously all the fun make believe stuff was great for the first decade…..but when do you reel it in?  My oldest will be in Middle School next year. Wait, whaaat?  That’s right the big MS and he will have to get changed for gym, get the bus at 7am and I’m sure the homework will be insane.  Note to self…..eliminate all of the sponge bob underwear before September.  So we are at the tipping point here folks and I’m sure most people go through this……right???

I feel like we are in the sweet spot of childhood right now.  The kids are somewhat independent…I mean I am still the only one doing laundry….but I haven’t wiped an ass that wasn’t mine in years.  We are on the brink of a new life stage here and I am a little scared and sad about it.


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  1. I literally snickered. Check out my temporary profile pix over on “the book of face.” In there. But, I’m keepin’ my sponge bob underwear!


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