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My Girl

My Girl

My girl is at that intersection of childhood and adolescence. She is sporty and likes reptiles………she also appreciates a good lip balm along with a mani-pedi. For her 11th birthday she really wanted a bearded dragon to which we said hellz no. We negotiated it down to a crested gecko who will be named DJ Steve. My husband is always the bad cop in these scenarios and I don’t do a thing to help him. Truth be told I would host a weird little zoo if he wasn’t such a sour puss. It’s probably good that we both aren’t pushovers in regard to the animal kingdom.

She also wanted UGG boots and to be honest, I felt better about fulfilling the reptile wish. I grew up broke so I would have never dared to even dream of UGGs. In fact I still don’t own UGGs. I feel weird about wearing things with fancy labels. I once had a close friend give me a pair of Prada sandals and they had a big ‘ole PRADA decorative circle in the front, I think I wore them once. Clearly I’m a bit nuts in this regard but I don’t want her to be someone who gets caught up in status and trendy bullshit. I suspect we will do battle over these issues as the teenage years approach.  But for today…..I love this space that we are in…..she loves her friends, isn’t afraid to try things and she likes having me around, still wants to do things with me.  I can see the horizon of teenage drama and the inevitable gap that will develop in our relationship and I don’t like it. So today we eat cake and live for the moment.