Happy Anniversary To Me!

Happy Anniversary To Me!

In March of 2015 I dove into the world of blogging. Mind you I write under another name so it isn’t as fearless as it sounds. Most of my posts (99.9%) are intensely personal and recount my early days as a child in a dysfunctional alcoholic family, as a teenager who went to rehab at age 15, as a mom, wife, friend, hospice volunteer and wannabe writer. My grammar is imperfect but my message is always sincere.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that has read a post, commented or liked something this past year. Most of my family and friends know that I write but they don’t know what name I write under…..which means pretty much anyone that has stopped by has done so through happenstance or a Facebook post also under the alias. I still have more tales to tell but they aren’t as urgent as my earlier posts….perhaps I will a acquire some more finesse as I meander along. Perhaps I will one day be fearless enough to post under my actual name…….either way………thanks for stopping by……mwah!


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