Sir Drake

Sir Drake

My son takes legendary shits. He started in his toddler years and in his well-traveled youth, has destroyed bathrooms all across this great land. He’s also taken his toilet destroying ways across the pond. It’s seriously something we need to consider when we plan a trip.

One of my husband’s favorite tales to tell goes back to when our boy was about 4. They were on a man trip to NYC and were in the bowels of the city (sorry couldn’t resist) when need struck. At first my husband was hoping to find a bathroom that wasn’t in the underground but nature wouldn’t wait. So they had to find a bathroom in a NYC subway station.

I’ve lived most of my life within a fifty mile radius of NYC and have been there many times. In my almost half a century on this earth, I have managed to avoid subway bathrooms. In fact I have a knack for finding decent bathrooms wherever I am. Pro tip, higher-end hotels typically have nice bathrooms near the banquet rooms and they are almost always unlocked. You can usually cruise right in unless you are sloppy drunk or look like a homeless person.

After my husband confirmed that our son “really” had to go, he found a bathroom attached to a Dunkin’ Donuts. For those not familiar, Dunkin’ Donuts sells donuts and coffee and they are not known for having spectacular bathrooms. The Dunkin’ Donuts in a crowded subway station are less than ideal.

The details are sketchy and the “incident” happened a decade ago…I can tell you this, the hubs got our boy out of there as quick as possible. Something about the toilet making a weird gurgling sound…comparable to the death rattle sound that people make with their dying breath. There was a line of still drunk and hungover customers waiting to use the facilities and my husband gave the “it’s broken” warning before picking up the boy and high tailing it out of there. They heard screams behind them in their haste to exit but they didn’t look back.

I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve had to search for plungers in vacation rental homes. The more savvy rental units have a plunger visible others don’t and that results in an awkward phone call or a trip to the local hardware store. He’s usually good the first couple of days on a trip but then when the “back up” gets cleared, things get dicey.

A couple of years ago I was reading in my bedroom when my son ran in with a panicked look on his face. “Mom there’s water coming in through the laundry room window”, he said sounding scared. Well that doesn’t make sense I thought to myself and got downstairs in record time. Turns out the water was coming from the ceiling. I ran back upstairs and discovered the problem.

My son had taken a crap and then took a shower. He didn’t notice that the toilet was still running. Toilet water and sewage was overflowing, I quickly shut off the water valve. I heard screaming from downstairs and knew that my husband was aware of the situation. It was a bit of a mess but the damage wasn’t too bad. The laundry room got a face lift with new drywall and a paint job. We wondered if we could avoid this in the future.

My husband is an Engineer so he’s analytical by nature. Whenever we need a new appliance he spends hours researching the available options, creates a spreadsheet and consults the Gods of Reason. He doesn’t “rush” into things, his decisions are practical and well thought out. So when he decided to buy a new toilet for our son’s bathroom, I was confident in his choice.

The “Drake II” by TOTO (not the band) was the winner. My husband was determined that this particular toilet would take care of our clogging problem. He read the specs and was intrigued by the “double cyclone” feature. It sounded more like a carnival ride than a toilet to me and we were all pretty excited about it. A few days later, Sir Drake, the second, joined our family and has been a beloved member for 3 years now.

And for the record, I have received no compensation for this post. We simply appreciate a good product that lives up to it’s promise. We aren’t alone, there are tons of positive reviews online. Some are very enthusiastic. Here’s part of my favorite Drake review:

5.0 out of 5 starsBuy it! Buy it now! This is a great toilet

on May 27, 2014

For all the greatness that is the Toto Drake 2, it gets better. One might think that it isn’t possible to improve upon perfection. One would be wrong. With the addition of one small accessory, your life not only has meaning, it has new direction. It is possible that after installing this item that one day you might be the President. Or CEO of GM. Choose your lofty goal. With the addition of the wax-less seal made by the clever people at the Fernco company, your joy will be complete.

So ride. Ride your steed to elysian fields of glory. Ride like the wind.










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