It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere!

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere!

It’s Wine O’Clock somewhere…or maybe it’s Weed O’Clock, Sex O’Clock, Sugar O’Clock, or some other O’Clock I have not yet imagined. Our collective casualness with dependency is adorable isn’t it? I mean we all need a little somethin’ somethin’ to get through the day, right? I may ruffle some feathers and bunch some panties with this post.

Perhaps I’m sensitive to the topic…after all I was raised by an alcoholic mother (you may now insert all of your preconceived notions about me into your brain) and found myself in rehab at age 15 (insert more of those notions) and I’ve been sober ever since (perhaps that one was unexpected). I have a good grip on the subject of alcoholism, mostly through sober observation. I’m way past the zealot phase of recovery and I have many friends that are social drinkers. I have not been hiding in a sober closet for the last 35 years. That said the “Mommy Juice” culture is getting out of hand.

I recently got invited to a breakfast with other parents who plan to celebrate the first day of school by day drinking the minute their precious kids get on the bus. Mimosas at the country deli, won’t that be fun! Look spiked orange juice, so clever. The festivities start at 7:30am, I’ll pass. I hope they have a designated driver, Uber is scarce in these parts. I wonder if these parents will still be lit later that day, driving through car line which is a cluster f*ck without inebriated drivers.

Do your teens and tweens see these pro drinking posts? Are you buying them beer so you can be the cool parent? When is enough enough or perhaps too much…what example are you setting for formative minds? I know I sound like a cranky Puritan. Truth is I’ve joked about alcohol myself especially when asked why I don’t drink. “My gene pool is polluted” is one of my usual snarky responses. It sounds cooler than the real explanation – I made bad decisions and put myself and others in harm’s way when I drank. And I do have a sense of humor (pinky promise). A few weeks ago I got a good friend a “Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine!” t-shirt to celebrate her birthday. Hmm, I may be part of the problem.

I think my breaking point was the purse that markets itself as a wine pouch. Let’s all hold hands and recite the Serenity Prayer for this gem –

Wine Purses

If you need a purse to carry your medicine water,  perhaps things have gotten a tad out of hand. Look at it this way – substitute green beans for wine, does the behavior still make sense? Are you stashing green beans in different areas of your house for a quick bite when no one is looking? Are you stuffing your face with them in the parking lot before walking into the board meeting, the presentation, the PTA gathering? Are you disappointed when your friends decline green beans because they just can’t take another bite and they need to drive home? Have you recently eaten too many green beans at a public event and struggled the next day with a hangover and the shame of not knowing what happened? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a problem with green beans. Just some food for thought.






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  1. Another post that screams the truth! Mommy juice? Whine o’clock? I see blogs where mothers have a virtual, on-line cocktail hour so they can bitch about their days together. All this behavior does is teach our kids how to drink. Hopefully, they don’t get too good at it. Thanks for bringing this one up Bryce!

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    • Ohhhhh….. I have a lot more to say on the topic, but sadly, no pseudonym to do so under – Measuring my words still matters with young daughters in the picture. That being said, I’m inching closer to saying what I really think (italics there…) about alcohol. As you say – addiction is addiction, and I know very few women (caps there…) who aren’t touched (crushed?) by it. There’s a dearth of rigorous honesty (add quotes…) out there, and denial is King. Keep writing for all of us Bryce, and I will join you soon!

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  2. I fully agree. Wine culture is definitely a lifestyle most of the moms I know are embracing. I wrote something similar a year ago, and I ruffled some family feathers when they read it. Last week as I was picking my grandkids up from a field trip as I was waiting for the bus, the group of moms in the suburban beside me were pouring themselves a glass of wine.

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  3. I don’t really object to social drinking, but since no one in my family drinks at all, I have noticed over the decades how many problematic issues we have avoided by simply avoiding mood-altering/mind-altering substances.

    Not to get preachy (honestly!) but as a kid the “friends don’t let friends drive drunk” campaign drove me nuts. We were promoting the idea that it was OK to drink to the point of being incapacitated but then making other people responsible for our behaviors when we were. Literally, my friends could get drunk and then *I* was supposed to fight them out of their keys because I was sober.

    I just decided that indulging in something that left me mentally incapable of making good decisions was probably a bad idea. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  4. My younger sister enjoys her wine every day and many of the parties she hosts and goes to are big on drinking. Her favorite weekend activity is spending it in wine country and sampling wines all day long. She is exactly the person you described in your post. But still. Her life, her business. But she always told MY kids when they neared 21 that they could count on her to take them drinking and learning how to appreciate good wine. I’m not a teetotaler, but I rarely drink and I DON’T want my kids to have her lifestyle when it comes to alcohol. Scowling at her usually brought out comments about my being a prude and then she’d double down on her offers to my kids. Fortunately, they never took her up on her offer. They’ve all tried drinking (my youngest are all in college or just graduated) but then backed off to only an occasional drink like me. I really hate the compulsion that some people have with converting others into increasing their alcohol intake, especially kids who haven’t ever had a drink.


    • It is interesting how some people seem hell bent on getting everyone around them drunk. Sometimes the line between social drinking and abuse get blurry. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.


  5. I work with someone who lost her brother to alcoholism earlier this year. Her 80-something father was left to bury his son, sell the son’s house, and so forth – something no father, of any age, should ever have to do. Perhaps we would all be better off having green bean happy hours, and I say that as someone who is able to drink some wine on occasion.

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