Into the Rabbit Hole

Into the Rabbit Hole

I recently stumbled into a blog rabbit hole. I’m not even sure how I got there, I was going through some blogs I follow and found myself somewhere new….3 hours later I was experiencing all the feels as I read a stranger’s life story. I repeated this process the next day as more posts were added.

I know how it feels to be on the typing end of that equation. When I first started my blog several years ago, it was cathartic for me. I unleashed a lot of old demons and some new ones along the way. There is always the hope of helping someone else with your story…it also feels good to get the toxins out. Releasing the little bastards into the wild, there is a certain relief in that, an unburdening of sorts.

I want to send some love to this blogger, a stranger in pain. I have read every single post that she has written and liked each one. It seems like such a minor thing yet I know how validating that single “like” can be. There is something so profoundly rewarding about having a stranger validate you. There isn’t anything in it for them, you don’t need to question their motive. It’s different from when a friend or relative gives you the comment equivalent of a pat on the back.

Here’s the link if you dare…be warned, it may consume you for a while:


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