Merry Whatever

Merry Whatever

Here is my holiday rant in no particular order of importance. I started this list around Thanksgiving and it’s building momentum:

1. Turkey Log, Day 5 – For the love of Gawd make it stop. The delicious novelty of mashed potatoes in turkey soup wore off two days ago, even gravy can’t save us now.

2. Keep thinking of the people I didn’t see on Thanksgiving because they died (no punchline just the sad truth).

3. My teenage kids fought over how to decorate the Christmas tree. One kid wanted Trump-esque borders, the other kid wanted free-range decorations…I wanted to scream into a pillow in a dark room by myself. The husband busied himself in a different room (that man is a damn genius).

4. Took a day trip to NYC and one kid didn’t want to go so we let her stay home alone for 6 hours. She binge watched tv, face-timed her friends, ate Nutella on the couch and did zero chores. Slacker level: Master – Jealousy level: Master

5. Saturday I stayed in PJs all day long, as in the entire day. This isn’t a rant, it’s a confession. Apple-Tree (see above).

6. I am sick of the political pontificating in America. The mindset of – if you don’t agree with me, you are an ignorant racist person drowning in your own white privilege. The flip side is pro-life all the way but let’s use tear gas to keep brown moms and their kids out of ‘Murica. Any attempt at a rational conversation with extremists is exhausting and I am so f*cking tired.

7. Avoided political talk at Thanksgiving until the subject of the environment came up. No minds were changed, shocking.

8. Have to see all the same people again on Christmas Eve. Perhaps I’ll play “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on a continuous loop until everyone’s brain explodes onto the dinning room table. That’ll liven up the 7 fishes.

9. Went to three parties this weekend. There are 52 weekends each year – we get invited to about 7 parties in the entire year, half of them occur on the same weekend….why???!

10. I feel guilty for shopping on Amazon so much. The alternative is to go out to physical stores where people are…actual people (cue the horror music). I still go to independent bookstores to buy books. There aren’t many lines there because most people don’t read anymore.

11. My kid sucks the candy cane down into a sharp point and I visualize it being used as some kind of Christmas shank. (See item 3)

12. I want to do a reboot of Home Alone where I get to play the part of Kevin McCallister. I don’t mean making an actual movie…I just want to be home alone for a few hours, maybe a day…..two weeks, tops.

13. Went to a party last weekend with my husband’s childhood friends. Three hours in they started to drunk order stuff from Amazon on the host’s Alexa. I can’t wait to see how Charlie accessorizes his new sequin dress.

14. I attempted to make Christmas cookies to bring to a friend’s house. I made the rookie mistake of putting the cookies in plastic containers before they cooled properly. My daughter (AKA: Peppermint Shank) made a valiant effort at trying to pry the clumps apart alas, it was not to be. So I tossed the chunks of cookie into a bowl of melted chocolate and then sprinkled the crushed candy cane bits on top of the mess because this chick doesn’t throw out butter and cocoa just for being ugly.

Merry Whatever.






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  1. Here, here! You are right about everything you just said. One does get tired of having to deal with holiday…well everything. I know I am and it’s only December 10th for gawdsake! Really make it stop, can we just skip over Christmas and slide straight into the freaking New Year and get on with our lives? BTW, home alone is awesome, I know this because I was home alone all weekend long! YYAASSS! I stayed in my sweats and binge ate pizza (which by the way I don’t recommend) and watched my fave shows Ghost Adventures and LivePD. Which of course afterwards I freaked myself out being all alone at home thinking ghosts were in my house making creaking noises. So I couldn’t fall asleep, and I wouldn’t get up to check to see what it was. Christmas Shank, that is GOOD! lol

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    • I’m a chicken sh*t can’t watch anything freaky before bed. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a good night time show and you’ll laugh! The Christmas Shank is a personal favorite of mine, it came to me yesterday like a gift from the ghost of Christmas Incarceration. Thanks for stopping by.

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    • “Christmas Bites” could be the title for my next blog post or a seasonal band name. I would say a candy cane has gone officially “bad” when your daughter turns it into a shank….I may be speaking from personal experience here. Thanks for visiting!


  2. #1 reminds me of a line from an episode of “Frasier”. When he’s offered “turkey log” and “dessert log” he says, “How much more appealing food becomes when you add the word ‘log’ to it.”
    And #14 is pure awesome. Big chunks of awesome thrown into a bowl of melted awesome and sprinkled with little bits of awesome.
    Actually that pretty much sums up all of this.

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