What’s Cookin’?

What’s Cookin’?

Things have been busy with Rob and Laura. Last week I went in for my usual Monday visit and found that Rob had been struggling that morning. Laura assisted him with getting out of bed and with both of them in their 90’s, I was immediately concerned. We determined that it would be best to get Rob to the doctor which left us several hours before we could get in.

We filled our time with the tasks of getting ready and eating lunch. When that was behind us, Rob and I worked on a puzzle. Confession, I adore puzzles, BINGO, Scrabble and pretty much anything that appeals to the over 80 crowd. What can I say, I’m an old soul. This puzzle was unlike any I’ve ever worked on. It was wooden and the individual pieces were works of art. The shapes of each piece varied from people, dogs, flowers a seemingly endless variety of small wooden masterpieces.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer in case you are a puzzle geek like me. I get nothing for the link just sharing my joy of puzzles – Liberty Puzzles You can also order custom puzzles based on a photo. Rob showed me a puzzle he had made for Laura which was based on a photo of quilts that she made. These people are crafty!

We all went to the doctor and got Rob some antibiotics. I brought over some macaroni & cheese I made for them to sustain them until my next visit. When I came back later in the week, Rob was still not feeling well so I ran some errands while my friends stayed tucked in their warm house. This past Monday I got to meet their daughter and her dog who came to visit over the long weekend. Today I’m making the Beef Stroganoff which I will take to Rob and Laura tomorrow. What’s cookin’ in your world?


*The featured image is a puzzle which is available through Liberty Puzzle.


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  1. You put an interesting thought in my head: puzzles are supposed to be a way to stay mentally healthy. Are some older people intuitively drawn to puzzles because they realize the benefits, or do they enjoy puzzles because they have the time and in most cases no longer have careers that occupy them with work-related puzzles?
    Or maybe both. It’s a bit of a puzzle in itself and now my brain is buzzing.

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    • I can only speak for myself…I love puzzles just for the sake of puzzles and I would still love them if they were bad for me. There is something so satisfying about starting with a thousand scattered pieces and putting them together in an order that makes sense. I consider it a form of meditation, clears my head and I focus on the task at hand. No doubt that assisted living facilities see the benefits of puzzles as I’ve seen them at every facility I’ve ever visited.

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    • Rob and I typically go through one of their many cookbooks and narrow down a few prospects and then I bring one of the dishes the next time I visit. So far it’s been working out.You are certainly not inadequate in any way you do a ton of stuff for your mother.


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