These are my People

These are my People

Hello internet friends. For those that are following my blog, thought I’d update you on some things. It’s riveting so grab a hold of your hats and hold on (I may have just oversold it):

Remember how I wrote about my friend Pam a few days ago…well today I went to an appointment and to my surprise, three of her friends were there. We all shared Pam stories, held hands and sang a song. OK there was no actual singing I just find it interesting that she is reminding us all of her fabulousness. Damn, I miss her.

After that, I stopped by my friend’s bakery. She’s magic and makes the most delicious knishes. I came home with two boxes of goodies and when I took a peek I saw that my friend added some extras (she basically doubled everything). Did I mention that I have the best friends. When I got home I saw this meme. I’m totally fine with having a pet sloth named Knish:


This week my client Laura told me about polar bear picnics. When her kids were little and driving her crazy inside during the winter months she would send them outside with instructions. They were given some sticks and a can of soup. They were expected to make fire, heat the soup over an open flame and eat outside. This woman’s bad ass level impresses me to no end. I also found out she used to ride her bike to work – 5 miles of country back roads with no shortage of steep hills. On the way home she would stop to look at wildflowers. I think she was just trying to get out of cooking dinner and again, she has my respect. Now I can’t get the image of little kids bundled up in 60’s winter gear over a driveway campfire with a polar bear. If only I could draw…


The above picture was downloaded from my Facebook newsfeed. This woman is 100 today and I instantly fell in love with her. Notice the banner in the background – “I’m 100 Bitches”. Other photos included toilet paper encased in a box that read “Holy crap, I’m 100!” and a mug that stated “It took 100 years to look this good!”

These are my people.


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  1. Gawd girl, you have awesome friends! When I turn 100 I want to be as badass as that wonderful lady in the picture. She’s seems so happy at turning 100 and I’m trying to stretch out this year so I can stay 49 for as long as I can 🤔. Although, I was at the store the other day with my son and a lady I hadn’t seen in years came up to me to say hi and then she turned to my son and asked “oh is this your brother?” He was not happy about that, lol. But I told her he was my son and she said “you don’t look like you have a grown son” which made me feel so much better. My son rolled his eyes after she left and said “whatever” and I told him, mofo your only 16 years younger than I am, you can’t touch this! Of course he became more annoyed, lol. In any case you have been blessed with good friends. Man I wish I could ride a bike to work like that, all your friends sound “awesomer” lol.

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  2. It’s staggering to think what that woman who just turned 100 has seen. She was born in 1919. Back in those days the internet was hand-cranked, and Facebook was an actual book. It took months to get updates while you were waiting for the Pony Express to deliver it. And at least part of her longevity, I think, must be due to her attitude. After a century she’s still happy to be here.
    There’s a lesson in that, but I’m too focused on wanting a knish to think about it.

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  3. I love that woman, but does the sign mean that she is a living compilation of 100 Bitches or is it a challenge to all the other younger bitches? I’m probably overthinking this, but without the comma it’s hard to tell. Either way, I can adopt it as my new slogan now AND when I’m 100!

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    • That’s a fair question. I’m not in the inner circle so I can’t say for certain….based on the other items displayed I’m guessing it’s “I’m 100, Bitches!” as opposed to being 100 times bitchier….#lifegoals


  4. I love reading your blog. No matter the content and the emotions emanating from each one, I know once I’ve gotten to the end, I am more tuned in to life for having read it, even if for only a few minutes each time. Thank you! xo

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