Oops, I Did it Again

Oops, I Did it Again

Sorry if I just downloaded an ear worm into your brain from early Brittany. In the words of the infamous BS, “Oops, I did it again”. No I have not broken a heart by being carelessly flirtatious, I stepped into a comment landmine on social media (again).

I belong to a social media group that has the terms “Crones” and “Anarchy” in the name. It’s a spirited mix of women of a certain age and attitude (not to be confused with Teens of Anarchy that write in a code of acronyms encrypted with the names of YouTube stars and musicians I haven’t heard of…different crowd). My fellow crones post about current events and personal situations. There is usually a lot of crone love and understanding, today though, things went off the rails.

Sadly, I step into a big steamy pile more often than I used to – perhaps there are more piles or I have just gone blind and don’t see them until I’m in the middle of one. I make what I think is an innocent comment or relate my own personal experience and <BOOM> I have offended someone without intending to do so.

Not surprisingly I did this a few times (to infinity and beyond) during the 2016 election. One time (not at band camp) I made what I thought was a fairly bland comment about Jill Stein and received the wrath of angry hippies. Those peace-loving kombucha drinking folks have some serious pent-up rage. Don’t get your homemade yogurt in curds dude, that slimy mess will turn into cottage cheese with that attitude and no one wants that.

Yesterday was a snow day where I live so I spent more time than is healthy on Facebook. Any time on Facebook probably isn’t healthy but I don’t smoke or drink and you can only eat so many cookies. Someone posted a picture of the March Esquire issue which features a white teen boy with a “day in the life” type of piece. Unfortunate that this was released in February, you know black history month. I mean people do need to know the struggles of white middle class males because that particular group has been so under-served. I’ll see myself out.



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  1. A pile of whaaaa??? You know that society today is uber, mega politically correct sensitive? Nothing and I do mean NOTHING we say is going to be okay with everyone, someone will most definitely be offended and to that I say…..go ahead be offended I have the right to feel how I feel and you have the right to do the same. It’s when some of these peeps take it to a different level and make a “thing.”

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  2. I quit Facebook about this time last year because I was spending way too much time and emotional energy arguing with strangers on the internet. This kind of thing is exactly what I would jump into, too. How can these media juggernauts be so clueless? But if you point out the err of their ways, you are inevitable accused of being offended rather than critical. And then someone takes offense to your offendedness and it’s all a dirty great spiral into the pits of FB comment warfare. I’ve got your back in spirit, haha.

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  3. Is that a hand-picked ad at the end of your post – the ad with Trump’s photo and a caption that reads: Every American Should Claim Their Federal Rent Checks.

    On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 5:20 AM Was that my out loud voice? wrote:

    > Bryce Warden posted: “Sorry if I just downloaded an ear worm into your > brain from early Brittany. In the words of the infamous BS, “Oops, I did it > again”. No I have not broken a heart by being carelessly flirtatious, I > stepped into a comment landmine on social media (again). ” >

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  4. As always, great stuff. I rarely comment on possible explosive threads. I’m much happier.

    I do, as a fan, appreciate any Brittany cred, reference, or video.

    Please, hit me one more time.

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  5. Hi Bryce. Regarding “offending” someone on Crones of Anarchy, trust me, the problem is NOT you. Turns out there’s a whole list of people who joined there thinking that the amusingly carefree name meant there is a modicum of freedom of verbal expression allowed, then found the opposite. Having been told I was going to be having a “rough” ride there for having a fully-formed opinion I left, as that was not my first social media rodeo and life is too short. Just wanted you to know that the changes are better than even you said nothing wrong.


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