I Did Not Blend In

I Did Not Blend In

So this weekend was kind of interesting…I went to a bridal shower for the first time in about 15 years. Wow have things gotten out of hand.  The party had a “World Travel” theme complete with props, a DJ, trivia games about the couple and a sea of Spanx laden ladies. There were confetti airplanes, flowers made of maps, luggage tag favors and a custom hashtag for the couple, they went all in.

I’m casual by nature and practical in my approach to clothing. Sure I want to look good,  comfort goes a long way though. I knew that flats would be out of the question with this bunch so I stepped up my game with some neutral 3 inch heeled ankle boots. I probably got them at Marshalls for $29.99, that’s my way. They’re cute and they dress up jeans with the right top. I drove my sister in-law and we agreed on our style prior to the event. We were seriously under dressed. Not what you want to do when you prefer to blend into the scenery.

The venue was in Staten Island and it was gorgeous inside. Chandeliers, a water view, beautiful window treatments, it was stunning. We knew we were in trouble as soon as we walked in. The guests looked like they were at a formal wedding. These ladies brought their A game – sequins, ruffles, prints, red-soled shoes, high end all the way. Meanwhile, I’m rocking my new mom jeans which advertise their ability to “cover muffin top” (I wish I was kidding). I wanted to die but I was hungry and this place is known for good authentic Italian food. I decided I could die after I ate, I stand by that decision.

It was a buffet so naturally there was a line. As I was standing there in the most casual outfit within a three mile radius, I noticed the line of asses at the buffet. It was mesmerizing. All kinds of asses – big, little, wide, flat, pancakes and bubbles on display in all their glory. I respected their confidence, I veer too far in the other direction. I’d wear a mu-mu if it was socially acceptable. I’d alternate with gym clothes, easy peasy. *Sighs* imagines life in a mu-mu. 80ba22001c642d83f830130a50199dbe--simpsons-art-simpsons-funny.jpg

It wasn’t just asses on display, boobs were everywhere. It was 2pm and I saw side boob, is that the new norm because I thought side boob was reserved for after 8pm? The DJ kept encouraging people to dance, while bright sunlight streamed in. Maybe I’m old (OK old and under dressed) but I like to get my boogey on at night with an appropriate amount of darkness. I also prefer to dance with the hubs and this was a ladies only event. I’ll just say it now – “Get off my lawn!” Ahhh, that feels better.

To add insult to injury, I was having a sh*t hair day. I got it cut a week ago and I’m still adjusting to it, not good. These gals had all kinds of stuff going on with their hair, professionally coifed, extensions or a damn impressive ability to use appliances that have always eluded me mainly the curling iron. I wanted to spruce things up, I even borrowed a curling iron from my friend. Sadly I did not have time to practice because something came up with my kid during the time I had allotted for that trial run.

So to recap, sh*tty hair & mom jeans, I did not blend in. I was having an off day and I was surrounded by women that could be extras in a Sopranos reboot or a new variation of the Housewives enterprise. My SIL and I decided that we really need to take things up about 1,000 notches for the wedding. Some of the outfits at the bridal shower cost more than the book value of my 2010 Honda. I can’t even imagine what they will wear to the wedding. Have you ever found yourself over or under dressed?


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  1. Been there, done that. But in defense of mom jeans and bad hair the bridal shower invite should have expressed a dress code don’t you think? I hate those things to be honest, and I’ve only gone to one in my entire life. And that ended with a bloody nose, a torn fake Louis Vuitton bag and two dead goldfish. So I think you and your SIL did well for that Soprano inspired bridal shower, lol. 😎

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  2. The British comedian Ben Elton once said, “Wearing the right clothes only takes money while wearing the wrong clothes takes initiative.”
    So I don’t think of you as being underdressed–you were taking the initiative to stand out.
    I don’t think I’ve ever been overdressed, but I have gone to formal occasions wearing a tie that looks like a fish. I figure if I have to wear a tie I should at least have fun with it.

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  3. I agree, there should have been a dress code suggested on the invitation. But then again, I don’t exactly get showers that are mini weddings. But if there was good Italian food……

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    • I should have known better, I’m out of practice. No dress code on the invite I just checked again. Phew, I would have felt worse if it was on there. It is interesting when you stand out for dressing casual. It’s like each dress tried to out do the others and Jeans and a floral top are memorable because they aren’t.


  4. Definitely, and that was after consulting the hostess to see what was needed.  My daughter and I attended in nice shirt and slacks to my soon to be daughter in law’s shower.  She and her six sisters, and mom all dressed in tiny black dresses.  Long coiffed hair and spike heels.  I should have realized that was a bad omen right off the bat.  The marriage didn’t last.

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    • Two words – Brooklyn Italian – I suspect the bride’s boobs will be covered, I expect lots of side boob from the guests…..hell I’ll be disappointed if there isn’t at least 5 side boob and 3 nipple sightings. I also suspect that I’ll be able to tell if the ladies have gone spanx/brief/thong/commando in the undergarments department without actually seeing their undergarments though by midnight things could get weird. I have enlisted a friend to help me shop because I lack the skills for this event….also all my lady parts will be encased in some yet to be determined luxurious fabric. Stay tuned, it’s a July wedding.

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