Livin’ La Vida Loca

Livin’ La Vida Loca

You ever hear a song and get instantly transported back to a person, place or time? It’s one of the magical aspects of music – how it can take you to a different time and place. I experienced a casual version of that yesterday when this came on –

Livin’ La Vida Loca

I was instantly taken back to 1999 when I worked for a software company in New Jersey. It was a great time in my life. I was a fiercely independent, a career woman, in love with my boyfriend (married that dude) and I weighed 107 pounds (sigh). I was on an upward trajectory and it felt good. I owned my little house by the sea, I was on the path to self actualization, truly.

This song in particular reminds me of the receptionist who worked for the same company. She was the textbook picture of a hot Jersey girl. Her hair was gorgeous, long brown perfect curls, big hair that did what it was told.  She was tiny (so tiny, under 100 pounds tiny) with a huge attitude, she was awesome! Her last name was, wait for it….Fox. I shit you not. Ms. Fox had a mad crush on Ricky Martin and I think she may have had the power to get him to switch teams, at least for one night.

About four years into my tenure, the Office Manager sent out an email to the entire office. It announced the arrival of twin girls including their weights in CCs….Ms. Fox had gotten herself a boob job. The email gave co-workers permission to openly gawk at the new twins (under clothing of course, it wasn’t a brothel for Gawd sake). I ran over as fast as I could, they were spectacular!

Related image

Not real, none the less, still spectacular. Jimmy Kimmel (The Man Show) once declared on the topic of breast implants – “If they exist, they’re real.” So I am invoking the Jimmy Kimmel defense of fake boobs to include this GIF.


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  1. I so miss the 1980s, you know when America was still a free country! We could speak plainly and everyone knew where one another stood on issues. It was easier to avoid folks, and easier to run them off.
    You crack me UP , BTW.

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  2. Wow. From the description I kind of wonder why Ms. Fox needed breast implants–although maybe they were part of her plan to snag Ricky, back before it was known that he preferred his own team’s equipment. And thank you for taking me back to the time when Madonna’s book came out and someone dropped by my cubicle to tell me, “Jon has Sex in his office.”
    I feel bad for saying that Jon was the sort of person you just didn’t imagine having sex.

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    • Ms. Fox liked to accessorize. I remember getting an email (work email address) from someone I didn’t know and it was an invitation to some Eyes Wide Shut type of party and I asked a couple of people if they got the same email….I stopped after I asked one of the young programmers who turned all shades of crimson when I asked…I walked away saying “so just me then….”

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