Laundry Fairies and Other Absurdities

Laundry Fairies and Other Absurdities

Hi blog friends, sorry for being so scarce these days, summer sucks up free time better than Bounty Paper Towels (Bounty feel free to send me a case or two of paper towels for that spontaneous ad placement). I usually have a teenager buzzing by me in the kitchen and a geriatric(ish) dog that insists on sleeping directly under the desk in my kitchen. In short, there’s no privacy which cramps my style.

For those that read my last post the wedding went fine. A few highlights which are better left as bullet points (your imagination will be more exciting than the actual events):

* The temperature on the day of the wedding was triple digits (100 Fahrenheit, 38 Celsius). The air was so thick you could chew it which, didn’t do my hair any favors.

* My mom popped over as my husband and I were in a the last precious minutes of getting ready to avoid being more than 20 minutes late. She wanted to see my dress. I never went to a prom so I guess this is my fault. You just don’t expect your mom to want to see your wedding guest dress at the tender age of 51.

* The hubs got dressed in a parking lot and was spotted in a drive by.

* There were at least six women wearing a slightly different version of my dress. One dress in particular was the shorter version of my gown.

* There was minimal drama which I am not at liberty to discuss. No cops were called and no punches were thrown. Some may be disappointed by this so here’s something to satisfy that – Brawl

*The hubs and I rolled in around 2:30am and our bedroom door was mysteriously locked. Both kids deny locking it, the dog looked guilty. We were able to break in with a paperclip and a credit card.

In other news, my daughter and I are going on a Baltic Sea Cruise next month and I am super excited. My niece is a vocalist on the ship and her BF is a dancer so we will get to see both of them perform multiple times. Oh yeah and the ship goes to six ports – including Russia. So I’ve already drafted a novel in my head about a middle aged women who takes a tour in St Petersburg and is arrested by the KGB for Facebook posts that include this –


If you don’t see me in September send in the Seals. This is just a girls trip the hubs and son will be home. We’ll be gone just shy of two weeks. A friend of mine recently went away for the weekend and she is currently buried under a mountain of laundry.

Friend: (Can’t go out today) …..need to get caught up on laundry…

Me: You mean the Laundry Fairies didn’t keep up while you were gone?

Friend: They don’t even show up in a GIF!

Me: Haha because they don’t exist, even in fantasy!

So if the Kremlin doesn’t get me, the laundry will. Do any of my blog friends have summer vacation plans?






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  1. Okay I am slightly disappointed that there were not brawls at that Italian wedding. Really, I do mean that! I would have loved to hear how the new inlaws didn’t get a long or a cousin wasn’t too amused with the food. Laundry faeries, good one you know why they didn’t show up? Because their elves not faeries and they don’t like being categorized as such, lol.

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  2. I’ll never forget what the sales man said when I asked, “Will it hold five loads of laundry?” He had the oddest look on his face and replied, “Sir, it’s a dining room table.”
    I hate doing laundry and making beds.

    I was not born for the servant class!

    Great job as always, and like the Huntress said, no drama from the wedding? Que lastima!

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      • My niece got a job as a vocalist on the ship around March. Since then I’ve wanted to go finally booked it in late June. So not a huge amount of time to plan. I booked two tours (not through the ship) and we will go free-range at the other ports since my niece and her BF (also a performer on the ship) have been to all the ports numerous times. St. Petersburg and Berlin are where I have booked tours. You need a tour in SPB to avoid the Visa requirement there. This is only my second cruise (last one was 17 years ago) and my daughter’s first. It’s a massive ship.

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      • You know Ken and I were originally going THIS August but changed it to next year for a bunch of different reasons. Wouldn’t it have been amazing if we’d been on the ship at the same time?! I’m sad now😞

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