Bravo! (Indeed)

Bravo! (Indeed)

Bravo was performed on the second night of our 11 day Baltic Sea Cruise. My niece’s voice recovered significantly from the prior day. She sang I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables, I was overwhelmed. Special K (her BF) was featured with his partner in a gorgeous dance during the show. It was amazing to be there to watch them. I went to both shows, I did that for each production.


The next day was Stockholm, Sweden. This was officially travel day 3 for my daughter and I and we both hit the jet-lag/time change wall HARD. We got maybe 2 1/2 hours of sleep Saturday night and Sunday we walked 11 miles. Stockholm was a lively place with gorgeous architecture and tasty treats.


Järnpojke, the “Iron Boy”: Stockholm’s smallest statue. Located in the Old Town section in the courtyard of a Finnish Church. The statue is said to bring good luck if you rub his head.

This began our first day of the Peanut/Special K Cafe Tour, they took us to their favorite cafes in each port except the two where we hired guides. We arrived by 10am and spent the next 6 hours exploring, eating, shopping and eating again. My one dessert a day rule was a distant memory by lunch. I would love to go back in a less zombie-esq state.


The next port was Helsinki, Finland…and can I take a hot second to just say WOW places I never dreamed I would visit, thank you dear husband for sending me. Of course there was a favorite cafe and a surprisingly cosmopolitan city. We visited the church built into rock and the Sibelius Monument by Eila Hiltunen, dedicated to the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865–1957). I also had the best whitefish (w/OMFG amazing garlic sauce) of my life under the orange tents in the open air market.



The next port was St. Petersburgh, Russia…










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    • We did – I’ll be writing about that next. If you haven’t already done so – watch the Last Czars on Netflix. I’m so glad I watched it prior to this trip gave me a much greater appreciation for Russian history and St Petersburgh in particular.

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