Red, White & Blue (privilege)

Red, White & Blue (privilege)

Red, White and Blue, the colors of Old Glory. America is such a mess right now. It takes determined concentration to not get sucked into the propaganda on either side. My country has turned into a dysfunctional family gathering where some guests have clearly been over-served and the quiet relations are hiding in the corner trying to remain invisible. Meanwhile the host is getting dinner on the table three hours late lamenting about the state of the world and how things would be so much better if we turned back the clock to 1957. Better for whom?

Precious few are willing to listen to people with a different political view because they believe their side is morally superior. There are sides now, definitive lines in the sand, us versus them, red against blue. We need to be one country again. Country before party and all that. What scares me the most though, is that this type of divisive ideology is simultaneously happening all over the world.

The colors of America’s flag represent different ideas to me now. Please know this is my version of stereotypes of extremists on each end. I know that there are rational, compassionate Republicans and Democrats. I still believe we have a lot of overlapping common ground we just need to commit to finding it.

Red (privilege) – The ability to actively and passionately care for an unborn fetus while simultaneously being OK with brown kids getting separated from their families for an undefined amount of time at border crossings. God-loving Christians who would rather spend money beefing up the military then covering entitlement programs like WIC, Welfare or Food Stamps. Who will financially support those fetuses that grow into children that need food, clothing, shelter and a stable home? While hand-wringing over the unborn, the reds turn a callous eye away from the epidemic of gun violence that claim thousands of lives each year (approximately 11,000 in 2017 according to the BBC). WWJD indeed?

White (privilege) – Imagine if President Obama made public statements encouraging Russia, Ukraine and China to dig up dirt on a political rival during a campaign. Oh what’s that, you can’t imagine a world where that’s possible. OK then, imagine if Obama was accused of a dozen or so variations of sexual assault. Better yet, switch out Obama for Trump in the infamous Access Hollywood tape and then imagine him getting elected after that…would never happen. Yes my friends that is (rich) white privilege.

Blue (privilege) – You claim to be the party of compassion, pro choice and ultimate Democracy yet you stop talking to people if they disagree with your political views. You want to rid the world of bullies and tyrants yet you go full on beast mode if someone questions your vaccination choices. Live and let live unless someone is living in a way that you find offensive. You need to give people a chance to catch up with each new iteration of socially acceptable behavior – the rules change daily. Better yet, allow space for people to have a different belief. Some religions don’t support homosexual life styles. Yeah, it’s sad. I’m here to tell you that I can eat some Chick-fil-A without being a LGBTQ hater. As Freud once said, sometimes a nugget is just a nugget, not a political statement. I can’t pull up a manifesto for each corporate conglomerate before I order lunch. Everyone is a bully if they aren’t your brand of “woke”. Full stop.

The point is there are extremists on both sides – two wings on the same bird. The bird flies better if the wings are working together. If the wings are constantly flapping in opposite directions it’s a death spiral. I’m dizzy from the constant, chaotic circling and that hard crash landing is getting closer.

I hope we can get back to a place where we place country over party. Where morals matter all the time, not just when it fits a specific narrative. I want decent, compassionate, intelligent leadership. I want well thought out policies, not impulse driven, reactionary decisions via Twitter promulgated by a constant stream of political pundits shouting over each other on red and blue networks. The people, you and me, we are the only ones that can fix this mess. The politicians sold us out decades ago, it’s all on us now.


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    • Thanks Huntress – I really believe there are a lot more of us “middle ground” people than the media lead us to believe. The fact that I had fear about hitting the “Post” button is very telling about our political climate. We used to be able to disagree with someone without isolating ourselves into an echo chamber.

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      • Your not the only blogger with hitting the post button when it comes to our opinions, political or otherwise. It’s the culture of social media that’s evolved the way it has that our opinions will clash with those that disagree with us. Then it turns ugly if we say something that we strongly believe in but doesn’t really align with their views and sometimes vice versa. Bloggers sometimes are afraid to voice their opinions because of black lash.

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  1. I can’t comment too much from up here North of the border on what we see as a real shit show down there, although our own election campaign (reverse the red and blue since the Liberals here are red and the Cons are blue). All I know is that I can’t eat Chick-filla because I don’t agree with their religious lifestyle;-)

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  2. Our power is in our vote. If we all vote in the primary next May and in the November election we may be able to see change. Our power is also in our dollar. We can spend our money or choose not to at establishments that reflect our values. I differ with you on vaccines. If it is a true religious exception, great but just because you don’t agree with the policy of vaccinating children against diseases that have a cure but are contagious and can be deadly to those with compromised health, no way.

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    • I understand your thinking on the vaccinations because it effects the greater population – I was just attempting to make observations from both sides. The one drawback about being a registered Independent in Pennsylvania is that I can not vote in primary elections. Thanks for taking the time to comment Haralee, I know it’s a bit of a hot potato 🙂


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