Hello friends not sure what part of the world you’re in…this week in America people are freaking out over a Peloton ad. For those not in the know, Peloton is a luxury brand of an in home stationary bicycle which has a strong community of enthusiasts. I don’t own one and I don’t want one, I have friends that have made this their religion. Whatever makes you happy.

Here’s a link to the ad in case you missed it –

Peloton Ad

Clearly the husband is an asshole. He is berating his wife and fat shaming her with the $2K dollar gift which is just a smack in the face. This woman obviously suffers from some type of body dysmorphia disorder and her husband is fanning the flames with this so called present. Thanks for the eating disorder babe, perhaps you can gift me with a new neurosis for Mother’s Day.

Oh but wait, none of that actually happens in the ad. Nope, not a speck of it. The husband gives the wife a Peloton for Christmas. She is equal parts excited and nervous about it and spoiler – she loves it. WTAF people?

I guess people are projecting their own feelings about exercise and gift giving onto the world. Do the pissed off people exercise at all, why so many assumptions? The husband says maybe five words in this ad and none of them are related to weight loss or misogyny. I know this is mind blowing for some…(lean in) people don’t just exercise to lose weight. I have exercised consistently for 30 years, weight loss has never been the primary goal.

For me, exercise has been as much for my mental health as my physical well being. Sure I would love to drop a few pounds, exercise alone won’t likely do that. I know that if I want to lose weight the best way to do that is to tweak my nutrition. Move more (always good) and eat less (less junk). One of the most difficult aspects of recovering from my ACDF surgery has been the activity restrictions. I miss the camaraderie of fitness classes. For the next few months I’m limited to walking and a stationary bike (still not gonna happen Peloton).

Here’s 5 things that piss me off way more than that Peloton ad:

1) Health Care in America, it’s a f*cking mess.

2) An ineffective and inequitable judicial system where minorities do hard time for possession of weed, while rich dudes commit “white collar” crimes and pay off lawyers to the tune of 6 or 7 figures to avoid jail time.

3) Immigrant kids dying in detention centers and the entire separation of families bullshit that is happening.

4) Gun violence.

5) Ninja chin hairs (ladies over 40 know what I’m talking about).

In other news…I got a parking ticket last week. I took my son into town to have breakfast and came out to a ticket on my windshield. Our town is notorious for handing out parking tickets so I wasn’t surprised. I tried to pay when we parked but the kiosk wasn’t working. I took a picture of the machine display which announced it’s “malfunction”, I thought I’d be covered.

I called the phone number on the ticket, it seemed promising at first. “Sure – send us an email, we’ll look it over.” A few hours later I did that, here’s how that went:

Me: Hello – I called earlier to discuss a parking ticket I got this morning. The kiosk behind the pizza shop isn’t working, I’ve attached a photo of the display stating a malfunction. I made a good faith effort to pay for parking, it was not possible. Please waive the parking violation. Thank you for your consideration.

PVD (Perfectly Vindictive Dicks – oops my bad….Parking Violations Department): Did you try another kiosk? Your ticket remains open.

Me: I didn’t know I could pay at another kiosk, I thought they were assigned specific zones. Your kind consideration is much appreciated. Have a fabulous holiday. Namaste (Pssst…when I use the term Namaste it’s my polite way of saying f*ck all the way off.)

PVD: I am not going to waive this ticket. There are numerous kiosks. Sorry I can’t void this.

Me: Yeah, I know. I was trying for kindness-guilt-sarcastic Jedi mind trick, it seldom works.

PVD:                   SILENCE

Later that day I took an informal poll on Facebook to identify the best way to pay this fine. The options were – 1) go to town hall with a clear plastic bag full of pennies, Werther’s candies & crumpled up tissues and count it out at the counter or 2) write “schadenfreude” in the memo section of the check.

Ultimately I decided to go with option 2 because the person that gets stuck counting the pennies doesn’t likely have the authority to void my ticket. I tried to lighten the mood by using a Scooby-Doo stamp. I thought of using the upside down flag stamp as a sign of protest but that seemed like too much.

For those that are not familiar with the term schadenfreude, here’s an explanation –

Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. Wikipedia



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  1. Yup. Way more to get in a knot about than an ad.

    I got a ticket for speeding in a school zone. I planned to protest, however, if I lost the ticket would be doubled. It was already $400. (No kids, no busses, the courtroom was filled with other people who got a ticket in the same place.)

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  2. I agree with you about the ad Bruce! I had to watch it twice, and then resort to Inside Edition’s explanation of its perceived offensiveness. My interpretation is that she has a nice husband (can we still say “husband”?) who thought she might like a very nice gift. Maybe I’m just simple minded.

    Great commentary!


    • I’m going to go out on a limb and generalize a bit…I think people that exercise consistently may understand this ad better than people who don’t. I laughed at my husband when he gave me an Apple Watch a couple of years ago but he knew I would enjoy the fitness tracking bits and he was 100% correct.


  3. I agree with the whole enchilada. Oh, that was a food choice I used to enjoy. . .the woman is very skinny in the ad, I don’t understand the whole thing. And the morning bed thing? Why isn’t he getting up and on it? I hate commercials in general, so biased. I have a ticket story too but won’t tell it here. Took it to court and won.

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  4. Oh wow! Super nice try, though.
    We got caught in a for-reals speed trap in British Columbia the summer before last. No signs. No nothing. Just cops around a corner of the high-speed highway. Scary. And downright dangerous. $750.00 ticket later we were again on our way. With me driving because Husby had been banned from doing so. Yikes. He protested in court, and got it reduced. But there was no way they’re waive it. *grumble*

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  5. I get where some of the Peloton-haters are coming from, including the ones who point out that Peloton’s internet connections make it easy for creepy people to hack into which isn’t something a home exercise bike should do, but, yeah, all those other things you mention–especially the migrant kids dying in detention centers after being taken away from their families–take priority.
    As the old bumper sticker says, If you’re not outraged at what’s really going on you’re paying too much attention to commercials.
    It was nice of you to think of the clerk who’d have to count out those pennies, though. It’s why I’m almost always polite to customer service people. They often don’t have any control and are doing the best they can to help. Unless they’re PVDs who won’t help. Then my sympathy ends.

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    • Actually a friend pointed out the clerk situation and I was glad she did…I imagine that job is bad enough without my pay back. I once worked a hotline for Medicaid providers, that came with some interesting life lessons.

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  6. I agree about the Peloton ad. I didn’t get all the uproar either. The woman is clearly into exercise, judging by her body, and he gave her this state of the art exercise equipment. Yes, there are many more things to get pissed about as your list aptly shows.

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  7. I’m so happy you said this! I watched the ad and couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about. I told Ken I want a rowing machine for Christmas and if he got me one, I sure wouldn’t think there was anything weird about it! I just want to improve my cardio!

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