Bryce Warden – Psst…that isn’t my real name. I have a shady sordid past and a husband who adores privacy…so voila, call me Bryce. I’ve been with my husband for over twenty years and I’m still crazy about him. He’d say I’m “just crazy”, close enough. This little blog thing is my personal diary/midlife crisis.

A lot of industry pros suggest that you have a theme or a consistent voice. Pick one area and focus on that with laser precision. I haven’t been able to do that and it’s reflected in my posts. Some days I write about travel or the things I have observed regarding dementia. Then there are the parenting fails and other cringe worthy antics. I’m not one voice and I don’t care to be limited in this creative space.

Speaking of cringe, I have an alter ego named Super Cringe. When sh*t goes sideways (and it often does), it’s usually her fault. There are no super powers to cast her for anything by Marvel. In fact, it’s her lack of anything spectacular that spawned her creation. A dorky, teen-embarrassing mom like so many that afflict our children (it’s a damn epidemic). Her awkward ways follow her wherever she goes like a self-deprecating shadow. All sketches of Super Cringe are by the extremely talented Lisa McMillen. You can see more of her work here –


Super Cringe

A few of my posts have found their way to BLUNTMOMS and 50 Shades of Aging The writing/blogging community has been very welcoming and I will happily visit your site, just put it in the comments. I’ve got some amusing stories to tell, so sit back with your beverage of choice and hang out a bit. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Hi “Bryce” (wink wink…) Just found you and am wondering if you’d be interesting in posting something on my site which is a place far adult children of aging parents to share their “peaks and pitfalls” (hopefully with humor!) would love to have you! – emily

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    • Hi Emily – Sounds like it might be a good fit. Is there a particular topic you are interested in? I will check out your site over the next couple of days – little busy with Christmas. Thanks for your interest.


      • I’m pretty open on topics- it could even be something that you’ve posted already published. I’m sure you have lots of interesting stories about aging parents and their children, from your work (bless you for that BTW!) 500-800 words is awesome.

        Thanks again for your response, and hope the holidays are treating you right!


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    • Well that sure painted a picture :). Up until pregnancy #1 at age 35, I was the skinny chick. From ages 5 to 35 I heard so many comments about my weight and small chest. People felt like it was OK to say things that were awkward and very personal….as if we have the ability to magically transfer weight from one section of the body to another….where is that magic wand? I understand where you are coming from Jae.

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      • Thank you for reading! I appreciate that and your reply so much. Just this morning my hubs commented on the fact that at my age I’m still in the double digits on the scale… I simply said, “Thanks, Helen.” He got the message πŸ˜€

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