Bryce Warden – Psst…that isn’t my real name. I have a shady sordid past and a husband who adores privacy….so voila, call me Bryce. This little blog thing is my personal diary/midlife crisis. I have been through some shit people and I write about a lot of it here. I’m also amused and sometimes enraged by the day-to-day so I post about that as well, like this –

I am a married mom of two humans and one dog. I live in a beautiful community in Pennsylvania and I have come so very far from where I started out in life……truly mind boggling.

I had a dysfunctional childhood and in a lot of ways, I raised myself. I grew up broke, moved around a ridiculous amount of times and lived with an active alcoholic mother and my twin brother. Dad was not in the picture much. Yes you can read about that too –

I have been sober for over 30 years. The first year of my sobriety I was 15 years old and I went to the same rehab twice, a cult work farm called “The Family” (that I ran away from), a halfway house and did a bit of couch surfing.You can read about that as well –

I clawed my way out of poverty and dysfunction as a teenager. Quit High School when I was 17 because it wasn’t working for me. Got my GED and eventually put myself through college, often working two or three jobs. Got married and divorced by age 25 (oopsies). Rebuilt myself after that and purchased a home as a single gal at age 30.

My husband and I met in 1996. I love him to bits. Got married and had our first born in 2003. The pregnancy nearly killed me (true story)….

Planned to go back to work and promptly got laid off when I returned from maternity leave….that was tough….uh oh here comes another link – So I became an accidental SAHM for over a decade.

In March of 2014 I started a small business helping people and pets. I fill in the gaps for people when they need help. Sometimes it’s walking a dog or getting a kid off the bus, assistance at an event or taking care of a loved one that needs some TLC. I have been a hospice volunteer since 2008 and I help out at the school whenever I can. I have lots of stories…….sorry for all my links (not sorry) now please read some of them :).


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